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Supposed Crimes Post-GCLS Wrap-up (GLBT Publishing)

Christy Case

July 14, 2016 -- We're back from Washington DC after the Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS) conference. GCLS is a celebration of lesbian literature and all the best publishers are there. Though we didn't sell many books in print, we had a great time.

P. Osito hung out at my table. Her poetry book, aptly titled "Pomes," comes out sometime next year, I hope. Alexa Black also dropped by. She writes brilliantly for our anthologies.

I saw the competition, Ylva and Regal Crest and Bella Books, all respected lesbian publishers, and they had great tables. Regal Crest was doing a book giveaway contest. Great idea.

It's interesting that GCLS attracts so many old-school Xena followers. I definitely count myself among them, but I was surprised there weren't more young people. We're all writing Person of Interest Ubers now, right?

Osito commented favorably that more people of color were attending than ever. Hopefully they'll write a ton. Of note, this morning the Lesbrary reviewed Blue Talk and Love by Mecca Jamilah Sullivan. If you're not already following fuckyeahlesbianliterature on Tumblr, I highly recommend it.

We didn't win any GCLS Awards this year, but Geonn Cannon and Lara Zielinsky have won in the past, and Adrian J Smith and Stacy O'Steen have made the short list. We enter all books we publish that qualify as lesbian books, so keep an eye out for Lucy di Legge and Kaden Shay next year!

What's next for Supposed Crimes? Pushing for fall. We've got two new authors with books coming out. Dan Ackerman's gay 50s vampire story Snowflakes, brilliantly jazzy and Truman Capote, and Althea Blue's steampunk fairy tale, Beast at the Door, which is smokin' hot.

Watch this spot!

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