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A.M. Leibowitz Highlights Bisexual Erasure in Article

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Over at Bitopia, author A. M. Leibowitz discusses bisexual erasure and classification issues for bisexual charactesrs in straight or gay works.

If I want to read queer lit, I want to know it fits in that category, even if it’s space cowboy or urban fantasy or dystopian futuristic or sweet romance. My issue, though, is all the people being rendered invisible by categorizing something based on which two people are in a relationship. Bi erasure happens when we label books as “gay” or “lesbian.” Those are identities, not romantic pairing labels. A bisexual man is not automatically gay because he’s with another man; a bisexual woman is not automatically a lesbian because she’s with a woman… This is especially bad if the character(s) in question have explicitly identified themselves as bi.

Read her article here.

A. M. Leibowitz is the author of Lower Education, about bisexual man Phil Patterson, and the upcoming Passing on Faith, with genderqueer hero Cat Rowland, both from Supposed Crimes.

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