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January 20, 2015 (Matthews, NC) — Reviews, reviews and more reviews!

What Matter Wounds (Claire Lance #5) by Geonn Cannon

“I have enjoyed each novel in the Claire Lance series. According to the synopsis of this novel Claire’s luck maybe running out by stumbling on a dead body in the desert. This is not the first trouble she has found herself mixed up in since being on the run for the last five years. Do yourself a favor and read this series. I do not think you will be disappointed. I am looking forward to reading my next novel written by Mr. Cannon. I am so glad I discovered this author.” Silverwalnut on Amazon

“I really enjoyed the story as I have in the past with the other Claire Lance novels. It was great and exciting going on this journey with Claire and the people she met along the way. Jodie is definitely good for her and Faye deserved the closure as well. Thanks for a great read.” Nolly Sepulveda on Goodreads

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Cythera by Jo Graham

“I love the universe Graham has created, which is simultaneously a reminder of the days of space opera and a view of gender and sexuality that is a breath of fresh air in our ridiculous society.

I can’t wait to read the next one!” Mara R. Greengrass on Amazon

“I just finished this book last night and quite enjoyed it. It’s very different than what I usually read. I loved the peek we received into this world and hope we see others set in it. I liked how matter of fact people were about their sexuality for the most part — and how it wasn’t so easy to define either the main characters. I do believe I called it “Phedre in space” (i.e. Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel series) — not quite but very much the same lush quality to it.” Julia on Goodreads

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