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December Reviews: To Read by the Fire

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Tilting at Windmills by Geonn Cannon

“If you are in the mood for a suspense filled action packed book that is sexually charged with strong female characters, and a captivating story, this one is worth it. — Lance is awesome & Gwen, what a little spitfire she turned out to be.” J L Goode on Amazon

“This book did not disappoint! I read Geonn Cannon primarily for the action. But this is one (and only?) book where he excels even in the angst department. He manages to capture the desperation of all the lead characters, the suspense of the chase, and the incredible relationship of Claire and Elaine.” Jem on Goodreads

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Lower Education by A. M. Leibowitz

“I have to admit, Lower Education surpassed my expectations and more. … Lower Education is a beautiful, redemptive story about everyday, messy people that just might help you find beauty in everyday life.” K. Elizabeth on Amazon

“Lower Education is a slow build kind of story, one which relies on multi-faceted characterization and strong dialogue to guide the reader through the tale. What it lacks in narrative tension it makes up for in a real world premise, a well-rounded setting, and characters who juggle work and home. I particularly liked how refreshingly open they were about their sexuality. The heart of the story lies in the relationships, like it does for any satisfying romance. Most satisfying is the front row seat to savor the fissures that appear in bad boy Phin’s carefully constructed emotional walls when he slowly lets love in.” Xina Uhl on Goodreads

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