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First Hardcover Novel by Genn Cannon Released!

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“Karen Everett isn’t looking to join a band the day she loses her notebook of poetry.”

The Rise and Fall of Radiation Canary by Geonn Cannon will be released as a hardback book! Karen Everett has struck again, opening up in a new audience for people to fall in love with the band, and most importantly, the band members.

From Inked Rainbow Reads: “We’re treated to the rich lives of strong, competent, talented women. I left the story feeling like I’d made new friends.”

Being released the first of December, this new hardback edition is a great idea of a Christmas gift. Need to brighten someone’s day with a funny and charming story? Look no further because Karen is here at the rescue. Her and her bandmates are sure to spark up any boring or long holiday season.

Taking chances is not something Karen Everett is unfamiliar with. She took a chance and joined up with one of the most radical and new bands just coming out in the world. For a great lesfic story that will take you on a ride during the holidays, grab your own copy. For a fantastic gift to that friend who you can’t seem to find the right Christmas gift, your answer may be right in this story.

Radiation Canary takes us all on a journey, and we come out with friends, laughs and a few tears.

From the author

I get the impression that anyone who has ever asked me for a recommendation on where to start with my books doesn’t expect me to have a go-to answer, but I do. Without a doubt, every time they ask, I point them toward The Rise and Fall of Radiation Canary. I spent over a year preparing for this book, getting to know the characters and plotting their journey, so when the time came to actually write it, I felt like I was simply transcribing the lives of people I knew.

I wanted to have all their songs written before I started the novel, but I dove in without any. To my surprise, the songs came as I was writing. I knew the band, I just had to hear the voices before I could write for them. I love this novel because it encapsulates so many things about my writing. So many things I’ve wanted to put in my novels, and things that had been peppered through other novels, found a home in Radiation Canary.

That’s why I always tell people to start with it. Radiation Canary is one of my later novels (I think it was number 14 or 15) but in a weird way it contains the roots that branch out into everything else I write. It’s my keystone, and that’s why I’m honored that it’s going to be my (and Supposed Crimes’) first hardback release.

About the author

Geonn Cannon lives in Oklahoma with his family, a turtle, and a white cat. He started writing his senior year in high school, but didn’t begin to get serious about it until 2004. After years of silencing his muses through fan fiction, he made the leap to original characters and storylines. After discovering Squire’s Isle, Geonn knew he had found a way to link his original stories.

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