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Reviews, reviews and more reviews! | November 2014 |Supposed Crimes

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The Rise and Fall of Radiation Canary by Geonn Cannon

“Their beginning, their rise, their music, is all fated. At least, according to the Canaries themselves. From a random meeting outside a rent-a-rehearsal space, to a whim submission landing them television exposure, Cannon skillfully twists the perfect amount of “meant to be” in with a strong dose of realism. Better, he lets his Canaries – Karen, Lana, Nessie, and Codie, breathe and fly on their own terms. The bond between these women is rock solid.” Review from The Rainbow Hub

“By the end of the book, I didn’t want to let go of these wonderful women I’d come to know through the pages.”

The first–and best–thing about the story is, of course, the characters. They are marvelous. I’m used to reading about worlds populated by men in which women are peripheral or accessories, especially when the story is about the entertainment industry. This is a complete reversal–most of the men are relatively unimportant side characters. Instead, we’re treated to the rich lives of strong, competent, talented women. I left the story feeling like I’d made new friends.” Review from Inked Rainbow Reads

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Devil’s Despair (The Chosen Chronicles #2) by Sirena Robinson

“This action pack sequel to Devil’s Dilemma by Sirena Robinson is even more explosive than its predecessor. Just when you think the world was saved due to the final events of Devil’s Dilemma you are transported to the future where demons are ravishing the world and humans are on the brink of extinction. With a bit of help from Heaven, two intertwined souls find themselves transported to the past by Gabriel to help stop the hell mouth from being opened. This book jam packed with striking imagery, twist and turns, explosive action and steamy love scenes. Sirena has a clear talented for story telling. I am chomping at the bit for the final installment!” Review by C’est La Vie Nicole on Amazon

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Dying Embers (James Matthews Series #2) by Adrian J. Smith

“This in a fast-paced romance adventure of the best kind. The dialog is so natural and the characters are so real that I wonder if I’ve met them somewhere along the road. It was awesome to learn more details about the special bond Addy and James share, and to explore Addy’s roots through this action packed plot. I couldn’t put it down, and the second reading was even better than the first.” Review from Michele McGuirl on Amazon

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