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Jo Graham’s Cythera Brings Erotic Glamour to Science Fiction

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November 1, 2013 (Matthews, NC) — Jo Graham is Supposed Crimes’ newest author, but she’s already well known for her Order of the Air series with Melissa Scott and her Stargate: Atlantis novels. Her erotic science fiction novel, Cythera, brings the sizzle to printed pages and eBooks.

Cythera is a sacred courtesan, one of the fabulous Adepts of Menaechmi, famed through the Nine Worlds for their opulent beauty and decadence. However, when a fragile peace treaty hangs in the balance, the power to stop an interstellar war suddenly rests with her — a mission for which she is unprepared and unqualified.

This novel contains erotic scenes of multiple sexualities, but is primarily heterosexual-focused. Cythera is available worldwide at Amazon.com and Smashwords.com.

About Jo Graham: She is also the author of historical fantasies Hand of Isis and The General’s Mistress, as well as an additional Stargate Atlantis novel and an SG-1 novel. With Melissa Scott, she is the author of The Order of the Air series of historical fantasies set in the roaring twenties and the Great Depression. Her forthcoming novels include the historical fantasy/spy novel The Emperor’s Agent and the third Order of the Air novel Silver Bullet.

About Supposed Crimes LLC: Supposed Crimes, LLC, based in Northern Virginia, publishes lesbian-interest fiction and holds the rights to the richest, freshest pieces by C. E. Case, Geonn Cannon, Adrian J. Smith, Lucy di Legge, Lara Zielinsky, Jo Graham, and Denise Delvis. More information, including media kits, is available at http://www.supposedcrimes.com.

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