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Adrian J. Smith Interviews Geonn Cannon

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Writers-turned-actors are a dime a dozen. Actors-turned-writers are a little less common. Yet in a recent interview, he reveals that his senior project in theater school – a Saturday Night Live-style sketch comedy program – was a lot more fun to write than it was to produce. He switched from acting to writing and now writes such series as the Riley Parra stories, which are soon to be turned into a Web series, as well as the Squire’s Isle and Claire Lance series. His most recent Claire Lance book, What Matter Wounds was published March 31st. His next book, Dogs of War: An Underdogs Novel, is due out in July.

Fellow Supposed Crimes author Adrian J. Smith recently interviewed him about him, his craft, and the stories he tells. They also discuss his recent projects, which include Two Roads, an official Stargate SG-1 novel, and how a Stargate con in Washington State inspired the setting for the Squire’s Island series.

Some snippets from the interview:

On his preference for writing over acting:

Plus writing seemed much, much less constrained and I had more freedom to do what I wanted with a story.

On writing lesbian fiction:

I thought, “Well, I like writing the female characters so much more… why don’t I just put as many of them as I can into a story? And if there needs to be a romance, I’ll let them romance each other.”

Adrian Smith’s books include For By Grace, which came out in January, and Ashes Fall, due out this September.

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