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April Releases

C. E. Case Blog

April 1, 2013 (Falls Church, VA) — Supposed Crimes releases three new books in April.

Lara Zielinsky’s two popular and award-winning titles, Turning Point (978-1-938108-32-7) and it’s sequel Turn for Home (978-1-938108-33-4) are now available as eBooks for the first time! Lara is new to Supposed Crimes, and we are very pleased to make her work available again.

Turning Point: It’s Hollywood. Actresses hate getting passed over for roles and cold shoulders are common. Petty sniping is part of the fabric of the place, but it takes two to fight. Actress Cassidy Hyland is throwing a birthday party for her son which she hopes will spark a truce with her cold co-star Brenna Lanigan. Instead the encounter becomes the first step of a journey neither woman ever imagined her heart could take: to love another woman.

Geonn Cannon brings us the third installment in the Claire Lance series, Confused by Shadows (978-1-938108-24-2).

In this highly anticipated sequel, Claire Lance decides to stop running, but her decision to take a stand may cost her everything she has left.

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About Lara Zielinsky
Her first novel, Turning Point, received the 2007 Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice Award. She was also a finalist for the 2008 Debut Author award from the Golden Crown Literary Society. She has sold short stories to several anthologies, and reviews and articles have appeared in several LGBTQ newsletters. Her second novel, Turn for Home, was first published in 2010. For several years her inner journalist got a rebirth hosting a writer interview program on Blogtalkradio. She has worked as an editor for several publishers and continues to write while teaching. She lives in Florida with her family.

About Geonn Cannon
Geonn Cannon was born on the fortieth anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. He writes to get the ideas out of his head so he won’t mumble to himself in public (which he already does a little more than is socially acceptable). He currently lives in Yukon, Oklahoma, although his mind is still stuck in Washington state. If you see it wandering around the shoreline, just make sure it’s warm and comfortable and leave it be.

About Supposed Crimes, LLC
Supposed Crimes, LLC, based in Northern Virginia, publishes lesbian-interest fiction and holds the rights to the richest, freshest pieces by C. E. Case, Geonn Cannon, Adrian J. Smith, Lara Zielinsky, and Lucy di Legge. More information, including media kits, is available at http://www.supposedcrimes.com.

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