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The Rise and Fall of Radiation Canary is Here!

C. E. Case Blog

March 15, 2013 (Falls Church, VA) — The Rise and Fall of Radiation Canary (9781938108303) is the newest novel from Geonn Cannon (Underdogs, Riley Parra).

Karen Everett isn’t looking to join a band the day she loses her notebook of poetry. But a crush on the band’s beautiful lead singer Lana Kent, along with the desire to have her poetry shared with a larger audience, leads her to throw caution to the wind and play an audition.

Geonn Cannon wrote in his blog, “I’m so proud of this novel that I actually sat down and read it straight through earlier this month. I love all four of the band members, and I fell in love with the secondary (and tertiary) characters as well.”

Geonn’s running a contest to coincide with the release of The Rise and Fall of Radiation Canary. Anyone who writes an honest review of any of his novels on Amazon, Smashwords, or any other site will be entered to win. The prize for five lucky people will be an autographed 8×10 of cover art for The Rise and Fall of Radiation Canary! It will be signed by Geonn (obviously) AND it will be signed by the four members of the band. Read more about the contest.

The Rise and Fall of Radiation Canary is available worldwide at Amazon and Smashwords.

About the Author
Geonn Cannon was born on the fortieth anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. He writes to get the ideas out of his head so he won’t mumble to himself in public (which he already does a little more than is socially acceptable). He currently lives in Yukon, Oklahoma, although his mind is still stuck in Washington state. If you see it wandering around the shoreline, just make sure it’s warm and comfortable and leave it be.

About Supposed Crimes LLC
Supposed Crimes, LLC, based in Northern Virginia, publishes lesbian-interest fiction and holds the rights to the richest, freshest pieces by C. E. Case, Geonn Cannon, Adrian J. Smith, and V. R. Merrymore. More information, including media kits, is available at http://www.supposedcrimes.com.

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