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Marketing, it’s weird.

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The writers at Supposed Crimes LLC have their own blogs. Are you following them? Geonn Cannon. V. R. Merrymore.

I sold over 100 copies of Little Disquietude in April, thanks to some spectacular advertising from friends. More than I could ever hope for. Riley Parra Season One will be at the printers imminently. The Riches of Mercy is in editing. Geonn has completed the first draft of Riley Parra Season Three. The anthology’s content is nearly finalized.


Print sales only account for 15% of overall sales, cost the most up front, and pay the smallest amount of royalties. I’m intending to pursue them at least through the next few novels we have slated, but I do raise my eyebrows at the statistics.

These are all online, direct “fan” sales, not wholesales. Ingram hasn’t run its Advance yet, so bookstores, boutiques, and libraries haven’t had a chance to buy. Not that I’m expecting a surge, but you never know. Of course, like print, bookstores are also dead, and all the advice is “sell at Starbucks or the gas station” or whatever. That’s not the kind of material I’m releasing. Marketing, it’s weird.

If I hit the bestseller jackpot, watch this space.

-C. E. Case

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