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Meanwhile, lots of conversations

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Despite my oath that I would never do another radio interview, I appear on Cross Conference Episode 28. And my fan fiction is pimped out on Femslash4Fans – Together They’re Unlimited – “Wicked” Authors AinsleyAisling and Immortality. I am a huge fan of these writers (who are much bigger than me in the Wicked world) so it was quite an honor.

Meanwhile, Filaments research has stalled. I have a stack of books, but the primary sources, I would have to pay for. Despite it being a business deduction, it feels wrong to pay for research. Doesn’t it? I can’t quite bring myself to do it, yet. I like starting my books from zero. Overall I’m more confident with the story.

I also had a ladies night out with some of my readers. I told them I was thinking of merging some of the more heterosexual plot lines and eliminating a major antagonist. They gave me pained looks, the kind that show they don’t want to tell me I’m a fucking moron.

Message received. ;)

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