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Where in the world is C. E. Case?

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I have not been writing lately. Nor researching. I’ve been keeping up with financials, but what little free time I had to devote to craft was eaten up by the World Cup. That’s 20 games in as many days. I watched them all. But even this year I didn’t give as much attention to the World Cup as in years past. I didn’t read multiple news stories and editorials every day. I didn’t scour Getty Images. I am even behind on Cross Conference, which expanded its coverage. The momentum is there. The WPS continues and right on its heels,...

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Meanwhile, lots of conversations

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Despite my oath that I would never do another radio interview, I appear on Cross Conference Episode 28. And my fan fiction is pimped out on Femslash4Fans – Together They’re Unlimited – “Wicked” Authors AinsleyAisling and Immortality. I am a huge fan of these writers (who are much bigger than me in the Wicked world) so it was quite an honor.

Meanwhile, Filaments research has stalled. I have a stack of books, but the primary sources, I would have to pay for. Despite it being a business deduction, it feels wrong to pay for research. Doesn’t it? I...

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More research in maps

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Even for draft one of the western, known as The Women That Don’t Fit In, the Texas General Land Office was a huge help. Railroad maps were the best and most period-specific, but even later maps showed me the evolution of a city. Like the Nevada Digital Library, it is slooooow.

“West of Here” by Jonathan Evison is an epic story that switches between the settlement of a small town in western Washington state and it’s current-day travails. The novel alternates between the two time zones until developments near the end bring the two settings together in unexpected ways.


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On a mission

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Friend eLibrary has a tiny little listing called California Missions (2004). The mission features oh so minorly in Filaments, and yet has been the easiest thing to find information on. Sketches of the mission building and floor plan accompany a brief history, timeline, and statistics. This can be cross-referenced with the Wikipedia maze. Check out Mission San Francisco de Asis.

-C. E. Case

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eLibrary research and a friend’s recommendation

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For Filaments the Western I’ve been working my way through eLibrary. eLibrary bills itself as a primary source collective, but my best success has been through the History Society journal archives. I like Montana: The Magazine of Western History. Justice [as an Afterthought] by Ellen Baumler (August 2008) is a fascinating look at how female criminals were treated and imprisoned in the late 1880s. Not exactly relevant to Filaments, but I have been studying the Texas prison system to know what my black- and grey-hatted characters are up against. And I always like reading about fallen women.

This week’s...

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