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Where in the world is C. E. Case?

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I have not been writing lately. Nor researching. I’ve been keeping up with financials, but what little free time I had to devote to craft was eaten up by the World Cup. That’s 20 games in as many days. I watched them all. But even this year I didn’t give as much attention to the World Cup as in years past. I didn’t read multiple news stories and editorials every day. I didn’t scour Getty Images. I am even behind on Cross Conference, which expanded its coverage. The momentum is there. The WPS continues and right on its heels,...

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For the editor

merrymore Blog c. e. case our awesome editors

As soaps die and web series make money, this article about Morgan Spurlock and advertising-financing seems pretty relevant.

My mind has really been on editing. I need editors. I need editors I pay, because I need them to be rigorous and hard on me.

Otherwise, I think I give up on my stories too easily. I get exhausted. After 50,000 words and months of re-reading and re-writing, I declare something “done.” But just because I’m done doesn’t mean the story’s done. The editor’s job is to point out the holes I know are there, the holes I don’t know...

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