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eLibrary research and a friend’s recommendation

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For Filaments the Western I’ve been working my way through eLibrary. eLibrary bills itself as a primary source collective, but my best success has been through the History Society journal archives. I like Montana: The Magazine of Western History. Justice [as an Afterthought] by Ellen Baumler (August 2008) is a fascinating look at how female criminals were treated and imprisoned in the late 1880s. Not exactly relevant to Filaments, but I have been studying the Texas prison system to know what my black- and grey-hatted characters are up against. And I always like reading about fallen women.

This week’s book recommendation comes from friend Ainsley, because I do not read very much and have run out of things to talk about. Kate Mosse writes historical, European, evocative things. Ainsley calls them “archeological ghost stories with a dose of religious history.” Warning: Long.

-C. E. Case

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