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Many thanks to Passion & Perfection!

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Passion & Perfection (Ralst.com), which houses some of my fan fiction, did me a solid by advertising Little Disquietude. It’s an incredible honor. The cover art is getting all the compliments. Credit there goes to Heidi Decausemaker. Sometimes I want to write more books so I’ll have more covers.

Thanks to the Passion & Perfection boost, sales doubled for early April, putting Little Disquietude into the Top 25 for Kindle Lesbian Fiction. I didn’t want to push marketing until I had a print version available, but it appears not to matter. The eBook is what sells. I should do a poll in a few months to find out if it’s accessibility or price.

Meanwhile, Filaments (that’s what I’m calling my Western for the moment) research goes apace. I got Cities of the American West: A History of Frontier Planning from the university library. Tedious as it sounds. Here’s what the plat of a small town looks like. Meanwhile, here’s what a presido looks like. Far cooler.

What I should be reading this week? Hollows fic. Especially by friend Jaina. But I’m limping my way through Whirlwind by Cathy Marie Hake. Half for work, as Christian Romance is a la mode, and half for perspective on the Christian Romance I have in final editing. My characters pray as much, I feel, but hopefully not as obnoxiously.

-C. E. Case

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