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Soccer in the east, research in the west

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I’ve kicked off spring travel with a trip to women’s soccer land. Philly (yay) vs Jersey (boo) with the wonderful ladies of Cross Conference. Devoting my summers to soccer is a perennial thing and I apologize in advance. I will be devoting July to the World Cup. I used to blog and write soccer. I should be blogging and writing soccer. But here I am, swamped in supposed crimes.

And still saving up the money for author’s copies of Little Disquietude. Never fear!

Filaments the Western research is focused this week on George Palliser and George Barber, who sold mail order kits for home construction in the late 1800s. I’m thinking my setting centerpiece for Filaments will be a sprawling Victorian hotel. Right smack dab in El Campo, TX farmland. Won’t that be monstrous?

What you should be reading this week is Drag Kings and the Wheel of Fate by Susan Smith, which features Victorian architecture, among other things.

I, alas, should be reading Unbroken. It would make my mother so happy.

-C. E. Case

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