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Supposed Crimes Reviews, Reviews, and More Reviews: June Edition

Christy Case

June, 2015 (Matthews, NC) -- Reviews! Reviews! And more Reviews!

Young Love, Old Hearts – A Supposed Crimes Anthology

This anthology contains everything from horror to humour to kink. There are beautifully tender moments in Verso and Recto. Gentle kink is introduced in Slice, while A Blizzard’s Blow is surprising and a little shocking. That December and The Artist as an Old Man are both political - the former looking forward and the latter reflecting back. Adjunct Hell is light and funny.

As with any collection of stories, some pulled me in more than others. I really loved the quiet, gentle romances in Verso and Recto and The Artist as an Old Man, but on another day I might have been more drawn to some of the steamier or more exciting writing.” ~Sarah from Inked Rainbow Reads

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These are a collection of engaging, sweat, romantic love stories. If you like to have a book to read during your days down time then here it is.” ~Jane Barcklow on Goodreads

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Memoir in the Making by Adrian J. Smith

“Adrian J. Smith gave us a beautiful love story where you can forget about the gender, age, race, religion, everything and focus on the love. Love has no gender, it has no color or age or race it is simple 2 hearts beating for each other. Love is beautiful is any form and she did a wonderful job giving us just that. Just love between 2 souls. I hope that with Memoir in the Making it will make a name for f/f romance and we will continue to see more of this genre. So to you Adrian J. Smith thank you for giving me a beautiful and pure love story to read. Thank you for taking me on this adventure and keeping my interest from start to finish. Great job. If you are looking for a great f/f romance to read than I strongly encourage you to grab Memoir in the Making and fall in love with love!” ~Ena M. Burnette on Amazon

This is my first read by this author and it certainly won't be my last as this was a beautiful well written story.

This is the story of Meredith a professor and her student Ainsley. There are obstacles in their path such as quite a big age difference. The author shows us that age and gender doesn't matter when it comes to true love.

I found this to be a beautiful f/f romance. I really enjoyed this story and hope to read more like this from the author in the future. Loved it.” ~
Philomena Callen on Goodreads

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