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Our 5 Favorite Lesbian Tumblrs

Lauren Tonge

lesbian tumblrs

Alright ladies (and guys who like ladies that like ladies), it’s time for some Tumblr homework. We know you’re on Tumblr (c’mon who isn’t?). Pull out your notepad, or one of those little note apps on your phone, and write down these Tumblr accounts all about lesbians. We want you to follow all of them! Well, you don’t have to, we can’t actually check if you do. But you totally should, because these lesbian Tumblr accounts are going to make you scroll, pause, reblog everything you see all night long. Don’t blame us if you stay up ‘til 3am fangirling over your favorite dream couple (we know you’re still shipping Amy and Karma from Faking It). Just don’t look at these at work….you’ve been warned.

Lez it up Tumblr

Lez it Up
Girls and gifs and gifs and girls.  That pretty much sums up Lez it Up. Just go, you’ll see.

HomoLesbians Tumblr

You can’t get any gayer than HomoLesbians. As they put it they’re “The best lesbian+photos on Tumblr”. There are cute lesbian gifs from tv shows, and plenty of hot ladies to stare at all day.

The Lesbian Guide Tumblr

The Lesbian Guide
This Tumblr is run by a group of queer ladies. So you can expect to see tons of different posts like quotes, images, and lots of Q&As.

Qwear tumblr

Lots of fashion, and lots of queer ladies expressing themselves through awesome outfits.

Lezbhonest tumblr

Soooo manyyyyy cuteeeeee couples!

I know I said there would be just 5, but how can I stop there?

Every lesbian’s favorite blog in Tumblr form! If you don't know this blog, you're going to end up going on a binge scrolling through it all night.

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