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Affordable Books: the cost of publishing

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One of the things that makes publishing a challenge is bringing great books to people at an affordable cost. This is always a tricky balance because if the books sell at too low a price point, the publisher takes a loss and often can’t afford to remain open. This has happened to countless small presses as the cost of publishing rises and sales dip.

It can be disappointing to see a favorite author’s new release at a price out of reach because everyone’s been hit so hard in our economy. We all have to be choosy about which books we buy and when.

Fortunately, there are options. You can support authors and publishers by requesting that your local public or school library stock the book in all available formats. You can ask local indie bookstores to carry the books.

And of course, many of us grow to love particular authors, and we’ll buy a book regardless of the price. I highly recommend purchasing directly from small presses as often as possible. This post helps explain why. The cost to you is no different, but it does matter when every sale helps keep a publishing company open.

This is especially valuable when a publisher is offering reduced price books. You can check out temporary and permanent low prices. Many of our books are listed at lower cost. Check out our page of books $2.99 and under. You might find your next great read, and with any luck, you’ll discover an author who becomes your next auto-buy.

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Happy reading!

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