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May Wrap-Up: Reviews and Sales

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Are you looking for a great new read? We’ve got you covered.

First, check out these awesome reviews for The Things That Come, by Dan Ackerman:

"While a list hardly does justice to the superbly crafted mix of elements, here are some of the issues represented: mental illness, homophobia, racism, bigotry, self harm, single parenthood, sex work, religion, and disability. Ackerman does a marvelous job working these themes into the fabric of the characters and into their storylines.” - Joyfully Jay Reviews

"I have no idea how they do it, but despite the fact that the pivotal plot point of this book is that tentacled shadow monsters are harvesting human body parts, that’s not where the story focuses. The focus is on the relationships between our main characters ... I absolutely recommend it to everyone, and I know it will be finding its way onto my ‘best of’ list at the end of the year.” - Love Bytes Reviews

You can also dive into some excellent lesfic via the I Heart Lesfic spring megasale. These deals last until May 31, so snap them up quick! We have these titles available:

Thriller - Girls Don’t Hit, by Geonn Cannon

Joss Kurtis kills people for a living, and she is very dedicated to her work. She has structured her entire life around her job, marrying a man and having his children to establish a stable, Midwestern family facade to hide behind. After her ninety-second kill, Joss is assigned an apprentice, a young woman who has been also been recruited as an assassin.

Romance - Turning Point, by Lara Zielinsky

It’s Hollywood. Actresses hate getting passed over for roles and cold shoulders are common. Petty sniping is part of the fabric of the place, but it takes two to fight. Actress Cassidy Hyland is throwing a birthday party for her son which she hopes will spark a truce with her cold co-star Brenna Lanigan. Instead the encounter becomes the first step of a journey neither woman ever imagined her heart could take: to love another woman.

Romance - World on Fire, by Geonn Cannon

Firefighter Alexandra Crawford’s world is about to ignite in more ways than one. After a particularly bad fire leaves Alex and another member of her team in the hospital, she finds herself entranced by Dr. Rachel Tom. She doesn’t plan to fall in love and doesn’t need the hassles of a new relationship, but Rachel felt the pull as well. And she’s not the kind to let something so good slip through her fingers.

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