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Escape into a great book!

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Right now, things are rough for a lot of people. The real world isn’t treating folks kindly. While I will always advocate for facing our problems head-on, sometimes we need to recharge in order to do that.

And here’s where books come in.

We all need a place we can go when things get rough, somewhere we can slip away and immerse ourselves in a story different from our own. For some people, that’s Hallmark Christmas movies. My go-to has always been books.

Even when the books are rooted in reality or have dark elements, I still find that battling imaginary demons can be a way of laying aside my real ones for the time being. Allow me to recommend some of my favorite of our books, everything from humor to romance to speculative fiction:

Underdogs, by Geonn Cannon

What do I love about this series? Everything. No, really. Mystery, humor, urban fantasy, fabulous world building...it’s all good. This is my favorite of the author’s series, but he has a huge backlist and several new novels released in 2020, so surely you’ll find one. Underdogs #9, The Fight in the Dog, was released in July.

The Virtuous Feats of the Indomitable Miss Trafalgar and Erudite Lady Boone, by Geonn Cannon

Speaking of, you won’t want to miss this series. Not to mention that the latest one, Trafalgar & Boone at Magic's End, was released November 1. These stories deserve plenty of love, and all this social distancing and staying home will give you time to catch up.

The Practical Mage's Guide to Magic and Mayhem by Dan Ackerman, by Dan Ackerman

Another one with humor, fantasy, and action. Hm, I sense a theme in my favorites. I had the privilege of interviewing the author for the Bi+ podcast, and they’re as delightful as their books. While I’m a fan of books with human nonbinary characters, I also think demons are freaking cool, and Dan Ackerman makes it work so well.

For by Grace, by Adrian J. Smith

All right, this one’s a little heavier. But the reason it gets a mention here is that I’ve joked about Grace being my “book girlfriend.” I love her with all her flaws. There’s plenty of Grace books and more on the way, so stay tuned.

Unbound, by Adrian J. Smith

For those who like a bit of darkness to escape into, this one’s for you. I will say, though, that there’s still plenty of biting (heh, pun intended) humor in the story. And of course, you’ll want to read this one so you’re read for book two, De-Termination, releasing December 1.

We Three: One and One and One Make Three, by Lara Zielinsky

In the mood for a steamy polyamorous romance? Well, here you go. This is a beautiful story about growing love and the joys and challenges of multiple partners. What I love most about this is having two women front and center.

Endless Days of Summer, by Stacy O'Steen

I will recommend this forever and ever as one of the best books about asexuality I’ve ever read. It’s funny, smart, and sweet.

Unabiding Halls, by C.E. Case

This gem is understated. I loved the mystery, of course, but for me, it always comes down to whether or not I like the characters. And in this one, oh, yes, I do. It’s easy to want them to win and make it through all the twists and turns.

Passing on Faith, by A.M. Leibowitz

Okay, I’m cheating a little by including one of my own. But honestly, Cat is one of my most popular characters. For whatever reason, people seem to really love him. And the last book in the series is one of the works I’m most proud of having written.

You can find links to all our books here. Happy reading!

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