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March New Release: What Happened When I Stopped Watching TV by Alec West

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Our second new release this month is What Happened When I Stopped Watching TV by Alec West. This is a terrific collection of poetic and literary short stories. You’ll want to bring an open mind and heart to reading them, but you may find you’re a changed person afterward.

What Happened When I Stopped Watching TV

The sun is too far away to burn an airplane.

But it looks so close.

Thats because its very big and very bright.

So airplanes dont burn when they

Fly near the sun?

Alec’s stories are of a young man in Oakland struggling with the politics of rebellion, drugs, and identity. The protagonist provides an adult understanding of childhood trauma, and the path forward. Influential friends shape his humanity. Some thrive, some are gone. These stories are in search of the truth—of Oakland, of manhood, and of peace.

To learn more about Alec West and his writing, visit Hierophant Writing and Art.

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