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October Reviews Round-Up

Amy Leibowitz reviews

It's almost Halloween. Maybe you're planning a party or taking your favorite kids (big and little) trick-or-treating. Or perhaps you're more the type to sit home in the dark and watch a scary movie. If you're not the thrills and chills type, or possibly after the scary fun is over, why not curl up with a good book?

September and October saw some great new releases. Trafalgar and Boone in the Drowned Necropolis offers a little bit of everything: Steampunk, magic, alternate history. Better still, it centers the adventures on women. Check out this great review.

"[T]he characters have been given interesting backgrounds and a plethora of feisty attitudes which lets the several female protagonists exceed the limited expectations for women of their time period. Each personality is distinct and has elements of a backstory which I expect to grow more detailed as the series expands." - Jo Frankel

If you're more in the mood for a fairy tale, Althea Blue's Beast at the Door might be just the thing. You'll just have to read it to find out more about the Beast. Dee E says,

"This was an absolutely delightful story and so not what I expected! Not that I’m entirely sure what I expected given I’m not familiar with steampunk. Patience is a wonderful character, a strong young-woman in her own right ... The adult content was sensual without being overly explicit, which suited the characters perfectly given it was a sexual awakening for Patience."

Finally, if contemporary is more your thing, check out Walking by Faith by A.M. Leibowitz. You'll have to wait until midnight, since it doesn't release until All Saints Day, but that shouldn't be a problem for Halloween revelers. Here's an advance review:

"A novel with great emotional impact and spiritual depth, "Walking by Faith" is a prequel to Leibowitz's "Passing on Faith", which also explored gay and queer men's conflicted engagement with Christianity." - Jendi

Whatever you're in the mood for, we can help you find something to read.

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