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Supposed Crimes NaNoWriMo Pregame - Subreddits for Writing Inspiration

Christy Case

We're back with some places you can hang out in November. But don't hang out there too much. You're supposed to be writing!

r/nanowrimo - Obviously the subreddit for National Novel Writing Month will come first. 

Currently a community of 10,000 procrastinators, it features daily word count goals, support groups, lively theme discussions, and insecurities. Software reviews abound, too (This blogger has become a GoogleDocs whore). 50,000 words. You can't do it alone. Find some friends here.

r/writingprompts - Five million and counting here. Mostly to see writing prompts for chuckles and feels. Original fiction and fan fiction are both welcome here, as with NaNoWriMo.

Some recent prompts: 

God shares the cosmos with several other dieties. To pass the time they play Civilization like games for eons. God's frustrated that his civilization, Earth, is several ages behind all his friends.

"You will meet your lover, again and again, in different lives...and one of you will kill the other, without fail."

After returning from what he thought was a short trip away from Earth, Superman is horrified to discover that he had been gone for over two hundred years and his beloved city is now a part of an irradiated wasteland. Metropolis had been leveled by the nuclear war of 2077.

Drink the poison. You may never leave.

r/nosleep - Another five million gather here for tales of horror. Often serialized, always eerie, it's impossible to tell if these stories are true or fiction. Okay, they're mostly fiction, and mostly terrifying. 

These communities are just the start. There are subreddits for different genres and different types of writing (fiction, freelance). Subreddits for publishers and self-publishers. Join the global community. And keep procrastinating! 

Supposed Crimes is a GLBTQ publisher focusing on genre fiction, crossovers, and the 3rd Wave. Come for the paranormal creatures, human heroes, and rock stars. Stay for the romance. Find out more at supposedcrimes.com.



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