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Out-of-this-World Reviews for "Can You Hear Me?"

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Geonn Cannon's Can You Hear Me?, released on February 1, is getting some much-deserved love. And what's not to like? A little bit of high-tech, a little bit of farm country, and plenty of delightful love between women.

Here's what some reviewers have to say:

I enjoyed the buildup between the Jamie and Noa, as well as the steady progression of their strange and atypical romance. Missing was the drama and angst you see so often with lesbian fiction, it was just a sweet story uniquely written and thought out. Can You Hear Me is a novel about a long distance relationship like none you’ve ever seen. -K Aten, Amazon
Geonn does such a wonderful job of bringing the characters to life that you feel as if you really get to know Noa and Jaime. The slow build of their relationship is wonderfully done, and even though most of it through long distance conversations it never feels static. -Angel T, Amazon
There’s much I like about this tale: a woodworker plying her craft in an old Indiana farm and a pilot flying the cutting edge of space vehicles. Old tech and new tech, and a ham radio that even the smartest of inventors didn’t see breaking through his modern communications, and how an open window can change your view of the world. -Katiepult, Amazon
Cannon’s prose is beautiful ... love can sometimes happen, not at first sight, but through the captivation and enmeshment that comes from truly listening and being heard by someone out of reach. -Jo Frankel, Goodreads
The ending, in particular the very very ending, was a huge ah-ha moment for me, and I found that satisfying. -Dee, Goodreads

It may be after Valentine's Day, but it's never too late to enjoy a little romance. Why not dive into this sweet story?

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