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Reviews Round-Up and Holiday Gift Ideas

Amy Leibowitz now available reviews

What do you get for the person who has everything? Or the person who maybe doesn't have everything but is content with what she has? Why, books, of course! Even better, eBooks don't take up shelf space, they're easy to pack for vacation, and many authors now even offer e-tographs so you can give your loved one their favorite writer's signature. Whatever you're in the mood for, we've probably got you covered.

Paranormal & Supernatural

There are lots of great titles in this section. Naturally, you'll want to catch up on Geonn Cannon's Riley Parra from the beginning ASAP, now that it's about to become a web series.

Riley was the most badass, brave, yet fragile heroine of all characters I've ever seen for several ordeals she'd been through... -Pervy, Goodreads

Science Fiction

More in the mood for outer space or dystopian future? Check out the recently released Conquest: Kai's Story by Kaden Shay, or any of our other science fiction books.

[T]his story is extremely well written, the plot flows effortlessly, it made me feel, the characters come to life, I hated having to put it aside to get on with real life. In short, Conquest ticked all the boxes that make a book a top-notch read for me. This story is about to take center stage on my favorites shelf. -Dee, Goodreads


If you're not sure what steampunk is, here's a pretty good summary. Once you've finished learning about the genre, you can read some fine examples, including Geonn Cannon's Trafalgar & Boone books.


We only have a few titles in the erotica section, but even those should be enough to defrost you on a chilly night.

Lesbian Fiction

This is more than books romantically pairing women. Lesbian fiction is a celebration of women who love women, often with a literary flair. The titles in this section reflect a wide range of personalities and experiences. Start with the gritty and evocative Adieu, Warm Sunshine by C.E. Case and go through these titles one by one until you've read them all.

The writing is tense, the tone is raw and the whole is reminiscent of a 70’s film noir spy movie, but somehow it grabs you. There are more dodgy characters than you can keep track of, and virtually nobody who appears wholly good. The sub plots intertwine in such a way that one is left unsure who is actually guilty of what, only that nearly everybody involved in the show has something to hide. -VelvetLounger, Amazon

Bisexual Protagonists

Bi books, especially with distinctly bi themes, can be hard to find. You might discover you like what we've got to offer. Anthem, by A.M. Leibowitz, features two bisexual main characters.

First off, thank you, dear author, for writing a story about two bisexual MCs, and not leaving the M/F off page. Secondly, thank you again, dear author, for not tying up the end in a pretty little bow, and giving me a HFN that leaves Trevor, Andre and Marlie in a good place, with hopes for a future that will make them all happy. -Sandra, Goodreads

Gay Titles

We don't have as many books in this category, but there are certainly a few, in such genres as contemporary fiction, romance, urban fantasy, and even spiritual. One of our latest, What Everyone Deserves, by Dan Ackerman, has gotten positive attention from readers.

There was no explicit sex, but a few references and hints to it, but I loved that. This isn't a book that needed sex in any form to bolster it. It didn't need anything but what it had. Heart, compassion, friendship and the whole will-they-wont-they story of June and James Kelly. -Elaine White, Divine Magazine

Historical Fiction

Many of the books in this section also fall under other categories. Some of our most popular authors have selections here you won't want to miss.

Mystery & Detective

Feel more like solving a crime? You'll want to be sure to read all of Adrian J. Smith's books featuring Grace Halling.


If novels aren't your thing, you can immerse yourself in poetry instead. Try out Gun Control for Polar Bears, by Christopher Michael Carter.

Have a wonderful holiday, and happy reading!

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