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Author Tamara Boyens Passes Away

Christy Case rest in peace tamara boyens under dark sky law

Tamara Boyens Portrait

January 7, 2017 (Matthews, NC) — Tamara Boyens, of Tucson, Arizona, passed away January 6, due to lingering complications from spinal surgery. She was in great pain, and we hope she is at peace. Tamara, who was in her 30s, was the author of Under Dark Sky Law.

Tamara’s presence and writing shaped Supposed Crimes. She was witty, enthusiastic, sweet, and on her way to great things. Xero and her other heroines are immortal because of her.

She recently appeared at TusCon 43, a science fiction convention in Tucson, Arizona.

In her day job, she was an instructor at the University of Arizona. She was, according to her bio, “interested in the neurological bases of language learning and the applications of computational linguistics in SLA...language of focus is Japanese, and…fascinated with the processing, teaching, and acquisition of logographic writing systems.”

She has two future books under contract with Supposed Crimes: Seoul Circuit and I’m a Cyborg Until Further Notice. They will be released for free soon. Royalties from Under Dark Sky Law will go to National Novel Writing Month. She was a devoted participant.

We will miss her.

University of Arizona Bio

Tamara Boyen’s Blog, where she wrote about cyberpunk, National Novel Writing Month, and chronic pain. 

About Tamara Boyens

Tamara Boyens was what happens when a coastal Californian washes up among the prickly pears. Although she’s become a connoisseur of saguaro cacti and heatstroke, she was still a fish out of water who doesn’t actually like seafood. As a professionally trained linguist, she spent most of her time hanging around words, and usually those words are up to no good. When she’s not accidentally hugging cacti, she could be found at the bottom of a coffee cup in Tucson, Arizona.

About Supposed Crimes

A GLTBQ publisher focusing on genre fiction, crossovers, and the 3rd Wave. Come for the paranormal creatures, human heroes, and rock stars, stay for the sex. Our stories feature more action and adventure than most lesbian publishers and gay publishers. Many of our books and eBooks feature kick-ass heroines and defiant heroes.

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