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The Year Ahead

Amy Leibowitz

2016 was a rough year in a lot of ways, and I many of us hoped 2017 would right the past year's wrongs. Sadly, we already seem to be off to a rocky start. Between the recent passing of one of our own authors to the unrest surrounding the upcoming Inauguration, we're already feeling the tension.

I won't say that reading books is going to be the "cure" for everything. There's no magic that will work. All we can do is keep going, keep taking care of each other, keep working together for the good of all. I will say that books can be a big part of that. We need to be able to escape into a place where good triumphs over evil and people get their happily ever afters with whoever they choose to love. In books, we can see reflections of the things we need to change and the world we long for.

In the coming months, we have lots of books to look forward to. You can check out our events calendar, our blog, or the Coming Soon page to see what looks interesting to you. In addition, submissions are now open again. If you want your words to be part of the bigger picture, this is a great family to be part of.

Happy 2017, and happy reading and writing!

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