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September Reviews Round-Up

Amy Leibowitz bisexual novels lesbian novels reviews

If you haven't read any of our spring/summer releases, hopefully these reviews will persuade you to give something a try.

May Releases:

In the mood for men who love men (and women)? New adult romance An Act of Devotion by A.M. Leibowitz (May 1) features contemporary bisexual issues.

"I fell in love with this book as soon as I started reading it! The characters are well developed and totally believable! You want these two to get their issues straightened out and get together! I will definitely be reading more from A.M in the future!!" - Melissa Mendoza

Seasons of Change by Geonn Cannon (May 1) brings four stories about women weathering life's storms.

"The women all have differing strengths, but also well-defined weaknesses that keep them relatable and real. You may not always like them, but you do find yourself rooting for their happy ending." - Jo M

June Releases:

Suspense, action, social commentary, and two women navigating their relationship might be right up your alley. You can find all of those in Lost and Forsaken by Adrian J. Smith (June 1).

"By the end of the book, I want to go back and read everything I can about Grace and Amya, and how they got to where they are now. And I'm also looking forward to reading more about their journey together." - Kallipall

For quality science fiction space adventure, try The Remnant Fleet by Geonn Cannon (June 1).

"I love sci-fi and Cannon has created a diverse universe that is totally believable in the way that aliens interact with each other, along with all the prejudices and cultural misunderstandings that can occur between widely divergent peoples." - Kitty Kat

July Releases:

Vampires are still hot property, and if you're looking to invest in a series, check out book 1 of the Vampire Elite, Silver Linings and Angel Wings by Kaden Shay (July 1).

"By the 90% mark I’d had my heart ripped out. I was distraught but in awe and happy the story evoked such feelings in me. I love a story that has the ability to move me." - Dee E

Ari and Dale take on new challenges in the latest of the always-popular Underdogs series, Wilder Animals by Geonn Cannon (July 1).

"Wilder Animals took me to surprising places-some sad, one or two that were downright heart wrenching, and a couple that made me cheer. Despite all the twists and turns, and different threads that ran through it, it comes together in a delight of a tale...or should that be tail?" - Katiepult

August Releases:

For a highly literary, suspenseful story with an understated romance, try Adieu, Warm Sunshine by C.E. Case.

"The pace is fast, with occasional instant of stillness that throw the characters into stark relief, literally spotlit by a moment of emotional rawness. It’s a page-turner because you literally never know where it is going next." - VelvetLounger

If you like a story about taking risks and finding love in an unusual situation, you might enjoy OBlique  by Adrian J. Smith (August 1).

"Tiny took too many risks but she was so far gone that Kara only had to speak her name and she was weak at the knees . I loved both of these women and was willing them to make it. A truly engrossing love story that will leave your heart racing." - Kitty Kat

As always, happy reading!

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