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LGBTQ is not a genre

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Last week, a lesser-known flash fiction contest went viral due to its refusal of LGBTQ material. The contest rules were then updated to clarify, but they remain antagonistic toward LGBTQ stories.

There are plenty of flash fiction contests that do not prohibit LGBTQ stories, and some that actively seek them. NYCMidnight, which begins every July, is one I personally have done, and I submitted...

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Writing Outside the Binaries

Amy Leibowitz book categories lgbtqia books non-binary representation

This month, we've been talking about books and subjects that bust binary norms. This can be in the realm of who we love, or it can be in the realm of who we are. Bi-, pan-, and asexuality as well as polyamory tear down the walls of who it's acceptable to love. Books with such characters are still too few and far between. Trans and intersex characters challenge ideas of who we are, and there aren't nearly enough of those, either.

I often find, as both a reader and...

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