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Out of the mouths of babes

Amy Leibowitz gender identity

I recently (as in, three weeks ago) took a new per diem job substituting in our local school district. Aside from the perfect schedule and the fun of every day being different, the kids are truly the best part of the job. (Anyone who knows me knows I love kids; I spent most of my work life around kids before having my own.)

Last week, I subbed for a teacher aide in a self-contained special education room. It was an odd situation—I was the first person since October to accept the job. I suppose...

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Hear Me Out

Amy Leibowitz bisexuality gender identity nonbinary own voices queer antagonism representation

Over the past week, I’ve shared multiple articles about the problems with J.K. Rowling’s anti-trans ranting. The most recent was this one, about a politician quoting Rowling’s vile kick at trans people in order to support his own hateful views.

It isn’t too surprising these posts were met with some degree of anti-trans sentiment, even in queer-friendly spaces. I have found, on the whole, that sharing things that are of interest or concern to the trans/nonbinary and/or bisexual communities are more likely to result in negativity...

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Nonbinary: Beyond the Pronouns

Amy Leibowitz gender identity nonbinary

Last week, a... (ahem)... lively discussion on nonbinary pronouns resulted in a lot of feelings from those of us who are actual living, breathing nonbinary people. This follow up is good, with some resources on the subject.

I’ve written on the subject of pronouns on my personal blog, and I believe I’ve expressed all I want to say on the topic here (on cis...

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