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News — LGBTQ

The Great Debate

Amy Leibowitz bisexuality LGBTQ pansexuality representation

No, I’m not talking about a political debate. I’m talking about the “Bi vs. Pan Wars” that are making a comeback after a lovely period of mild remission.

These arguments never completely went away, but we did have some respite for a while. Maybe people got bored during the pandemic lockdowns and felt the need to shake things up a bit; who knows? Whatever the reason, this ridiculous fight has come back full-force, and it’s affecting the writing community.

I’m not going to entertain any “but what about...” or...

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LGBTQIA Holiday Media

Amy Leibowitz holiday LGBTQ media

So, let’s talk about the holidays and media and representation for a moment.

I’m pretty excited that we’re starting to see some diversity. Okay, it’s still kind of...bland, but honestly, most holiday-themed movies are generic. Swap out a few plot details and the protagonists’ hair colors, and you’ve got yourself a new movie. This fits with that a bit by swapping out one of the protag’s genders.

I’ll admit that doesn’t bother me much. I’m sure a few people will be skeptical, since I’m not a big reader of straight-up romance novels. But...

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