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5 LGBTQ Subreddits You Want to Subscribe To

Lauren Tonge

If you don't know Reddit, then I'm not sure if I should introduce you. This site is addictive and once you're hooked, you can't stop. This is especially true right in the beginning. You head to the Front page, start figuring out the site, and realize there are different sections, called Subreddits. You soon go down the rabbit hole of subreddit after subreddit, subscribing to them all. 

There are subreddits about broad subjects like pics, cars, nature, food, and more niche ones like crappy design, WTF, frugal female fashion, you should know. And if there's not a subreddit about something you like, you can make your own. 

With all the people on Reddit, by law of numbers there are bound to be a few LGBTQ subreddits. There are the big ones like LGBT and Gay, but we want to take you to some of the lesser known ones that you'll probably be interested in. So let's get started!

his is one of the most popular LGBT hubs. It currently has over 36,000 subscribers and is constantly seeing new posts. People will talk about gender, sexuality, post photos, ask questions, talk about the news. 

here are a little less than 1,000 subscribers to this subreddit. Despite the low count, this a good place to ask questions related to gender and sexuality or see if your question has already been asked. People have asked things like "Lesbians who live in Asian countries: what is it like?". 

or lesbians, this is THE subreddit to head to. It has almost 50,000 subscribers at the time I'm writing this. It's a great forum to meet lesbians of all kinds from butch to femme to androgynous. People will post stories, rant, ask for help, or just want to meet up. 

This subreddit is interesting because it's close cousin /r/bisexuality is actually much less popular. Who knows why everyone gravitated towards one phrase over the other. This site is very active. 

Gaming is a popular topic on Reddit, so it's no wonder that gay gamers created their own space. This subreddit currently has over 42,000 subscribers and is full of LGBT gamers and straight allies. They host multi-player gaming parties, and talk about things other gamers would understand like how hot Samus is in her zero suit. 

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