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5 Places You Can Visit in Supposed Crimes Books

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Oh the places you can go...

Like the American Southwest.  

Follow lesbian outlaw hero Claire Lance through Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Nevada. Book One, Tilting at Windmills, is a Rainbow Awards and Golden Crown Literary Society finalist by prolific Geonn Cannon. 

Claire Lance is on the run. For the past year, she has kept on the move, keeping her head down, keeping out of trouble. Until she reaches a tiny town in Texas and trouble finally corners her. Forced to take action to save another woman’s life, she suddenly finds herself over her head. Blood on her hands, forced to go on the run with the woman she was protecting or end up in prison, Lance finds herself forced to revisit the life she thought she had left behind and reopen painful old wounds.

For a little more sci-fi in your Arizona and New Mexico, check out Under Dark Sky Law, by Tamara Boyens. A futuristic aesthetic as filled with orange and gold and dust as it is today, but where cities are covered by domes and the land is poisoned. Xero is a badass, bisexual anti-hero. 

Xero knows what she wants: absolute rule over Southern Arizona, a cure for the superbug that's killing her best friend, and a decent bar of soap. Some are easier to get than others. The dreaded Zaps are dissolving Trina's lungs, and only a rare medication can save her. No problem: Xero is an expert smuggler. As the ruler of the Tucson Exiles, she hustles supplies for the government and then pumps the desert full of illegal designer drugs on the sly. Catastrophe looms when Yuma goes kaboom, and Trina's cure is destroyed along with it.

How about Small Town, USA?

C. E. Case's lesbian novels Little Disquietude and The Riches of Mercy both take place in North Carolina. There's a more pastoral feel. Romances blossom on back porches and family-filled houses. 

Ambitious state prosecutor Natalie Ivans has a headline-making trial about to begin. To escape the pressure of the spotlight, she drives toward the Carolina shore but is left stranded, battered, and broken in a small town after a car accident.

It's the start of something beautiful. A. M. Leibowitz's Passing on Faith and Lower Education provide the same for upstate New York. Far from its eponymous city, men fall in love with each other in these gay and bisexual novels. 

Phin Patterson is an educational consultant dissatisfied with his job and his life. On a mission to complete one last assignment before escaping his unfulfilling career and figure out what he wants, he accepts a commission from Donald Murdock at the New York State Education Department. Suddenly, he finds himself on his way to evaluate a tiny school in New York’s Southern Tier, not far from the town where he grew up.

Enjoy small town diners and small town politics and their finest. On the opposite coast, Puget Sound island living features Squire's Isle. Geonn Cannon has made Washington State home for dozens of fun-loving, deep, adventurous, familial bisexual and lesbian characters. Best of all, it features in several free books right here at Supposed Crimes. 

Nearby is the big city of Seattle. 

Werewolves roam here. Take a look at popular lesbian detective series, Underdogs, by Geonn Cannon. Again, start with a free book

Ariadne Willow is a private investigator with a secret weapon: she's canidae, a person with the ability to change into a wolf at will. Her abilities grant her the ability to get into secure areas without causing alarm, and her heightened senses make tracking people a snap. With the added help of her assistant Dale Frye, there isn't a case Ari can't crack.

 If these are too concrete for you, visit the unnamed city where police office Grace Halling works in For by Grace, by Adrian J. Smith. There you're only limited by your imagination.

(All photos from the Public Domain at Unsplash)

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