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Open Letter to Book Pirates: Ahoy!

Christy Case pirates

Look, man. Everybody pirates. Not pirating is like not masturbating--it doesn't make you a hero, it makes you weird. Maybe that's a little strong. Still.

We know some of you have never paid for a Supposed Crime book. And that's cool. Keep reading. It makes us feel good. The most pirated thing is not some obscure, boring book that no one wants, right? It's Game of Thrones. When you pirate, you say we're worthy. You want us. You need us.

We're pleased.

However, we have two requests.

One, make an effort to leave our books reviews. Goodreads, Amazon, your blog, reviews help. Reviews create joy. Reviews sell books. If you pirate our book and your review creates two sales, you're already above and beyond, right?

Two, consider donating to National Novel Writing Month. Most of our authors use NaNoWriMo. I firmly believe it's creating more authors, more books, more content. Which is what we want. What we need. Reviews may help us, but donations to NaNoWriMo help the world.

Thanks for reading, thanks for fangirling, and keep circulating those tapes.

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