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Christy Case

Cinder and the Smoke by Geonn Cannon

I enjoyed the story, it was unique and interesting, and very well written. I got a good understanding of the life Kezia led, and the world she lived in. This is the only book I have read from this author, and it was very well done. I do prefer a bit more romance in my stories, but it was still an enjoyable story.

If you like lesbian fiction, with a strong female lead character, give this one a try.A Love Bytes Review on Goodreads For the whole review, please check out Love Bytes.

“Throughout the novel sexuality is questioned, both by Kezia and by those she comes into contact with. There is a growing feeling of an inevitable escalation of violence and corruption.The introduction of the "Cinder" only confirms the growing uneasiness with the final outcome.

Although not a novel I enjoyed it was a novel that kept me engrossed, the detailed descriptions, the believable characters, the constant fear of what would happen next was very absorbing. The author has obviously researched this era extensively.Inked Rainbow Reads on Goodreads. For the whole review, please check out Inked Rainbow Reads.

  Life in the District by Lucy di Legge

What I liked about this book is the honesty of the character, Adrienne. She isn't perfect, she knows she's broken, but she is determined to move forward with doing as little additional damage to those around her as possible.

The author takes us through Adrienne's journey and we are better for it when done. We're left with hope that when our lives are at a low point, we can recover and in fact, experience greater joy because we appreciate it more.

I look forward to more offerings by this author.” G Curtiss on Amazon

The novel however was a good and quick read. It only took me half a day and it certainly kept my attention. Adrienne is a strong and tender-hearted character who has come to an impasse in her life and has to make some really tough decisions. The author certainly brought her struggles to life.” AJ on Goodreads

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