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Here’s what we have in store for you for the spring. Stay tuned!

Award-winning author Geonn Cannon’s next book releases March 1. You won’t want to miss this Clare Lance story!

Monarch, by Geonn Cannon - releases March 1

Claire Lance once had a knack for finding trouble while on the run from the law. Now, years after settling down, trouble has found her.

Claire and her wife, Jodie, have been settled for six years in the quiet Washington island town of Squire’s Isle. Claire’s about to become sheriff. She faces a lifetime of whale-watching tourists, traffic tickets, dine-and-dashers, and purse snatchers.  Her dark past and days on the run are behind her. But a secret criminal operation and the murder of a fellow police officer show that her days of being Claire Lance, vigilante folk hero, may never be over.

Isolated from the mainland and FBI backup by a ferocious blizzard, Clare puts on her armor and prepares to do battle with bad men.

Dan Ackerman also has a new release this spring, science fiction with themes relevant to our current world.

Penumbra, by Dan Ackerman - releases April 1

Arden inherited Eden, a space station floating over a dying planet. He also inherited an oppressive class system, worker shortages, and an entitled ruling class that refuses to make concessions. Rhys, a worker who’s earned Arden’s trust, helps him make unpopular changes to keep Eden alive.

Arden's reputation as a shallow and formula-addled leader leaves his friends and foes skeptical of his leadership. Rhys gains power and is met with resistance from the ruling class. But without intervention, Eden's labor shortages may lead to the end of the station, and Terra One, within Arden's lifetime.

If you liked Geonn Cannon’s Can You Hear Me? you’ll love his next novel.

How to Steal a Star, by Geonn Cannon - releases May 1

After Margot Sullivan's dream of being an astronaut went up in flames with the ISS, her last chance to reach space comes from a stranger with a crazy plan.

In the same unviverse as Can You Hear Me?

A.M. Leibowitz has a novel straying from their usual, a contemporary F/F light fantasy.

Every Time We Meet, by A.M. Leibowitz - releases May 1

Heidi’s life may be a complicated balancing act between work, her kids, and a messy relationship with her ex. But all that is about to change when she proposes to her long-time girlfriend at the top of the hill during the annual Lilac Festival. What could be more romantic?

When nothing about her day goes according to plan, and her proposal is rejected, Heidi is devastated. She confesses her one wish to a stranger on a park bench: to have the whole day over again. Little does she know, this will set her on an endless loop of reliving it, each time hoping for a different outcome.

As Heidi replays the events, she confronts her own poor choices and actions. Now she must figure out how to make things right if she hopes to break the cycle and find true love before time runs out.

Happy reading!

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