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Rereads for the New Year

Lauren Bell

Somehow we’re at the end of 2022?? Not sure how we ended up here with the new year fast approaching, but we’re here nonetheless. People all over the world, myself included, are setting New Year’s resolutions for themselves - and maybe this year will be the year I actually stick to it! In 2023, the biggest goal I have for myself is to read more. As I’m sure is the case with many of us, my To Be Read pile is constantly growing and I’ve found myself lacking the energy needed to start a new book a lot lately. I’m hoping in setting a list of books that I want to read, it will maybe encourage me to finally crack those spines (just kidding, I would never crack the spine of my books if I could help it!). If you’re looking for some new books to add to your list this year, here are a few selections encompassing a variety of genres:

If you’re looking to start a series, you could try the Chosen Chronicles by Sirena Robinson! The first book is Devil’s Dilemma, available here.

Griffin Javensen was born to die—to save a world that sought to destroy her and for a God that had forsaken her.
Griffin is the Chosen, selected by an accident of birth to decide the fate of the entire human race. Heaven or Hell. God or Lucifer. Her duty is to offer her life as payment and her decision will determine the fate of humanity. As a reward, Griffin is able to ask one thing of either God or Lucifer as she Chooses, and they are not allowed to deny her.
In order to even the playing field, Griffin is tormented through ten events granted to Alaria, a Devil with one foot in Hell and the other in Heaven. Alaria’s job is to convince Griffin that God has abandoned her. If she can do that, there’s a good chance Griffin will Choose Hell and demons will get to rule the world. There’s only one problem: Alaria wants what only God can give, and what only Griffin can ask for: humanity.
Assigned to protect her are Braxton—a rough and tumble Warrior with a chip on his shoulder, who has been having visions of Griffin since he was four years old—and Gabriel—an Archangel determined to save the world, desperately in love with the one woman he should never have, and torn between playing by the rules and doing what is right. There is only one goal—survive to January 1st.
As midnight rushes closer and the battle escalates, the question becomes not whether Griffin will Choose, but whether anyone else will survive to see dawn.

Supposed Crimes mostly carries novels, but we have some poetry books as well! If you’re looking to branch out from the novel format, try Christopher Michael Carter’s book of poems called Loose Lipped Secrets and Twinkling Lights, available here.

Give away all your possessions 
Cleanse yourself 
And order more
Cut yourself off from friends 
And family 
And search for replacements online 
Toss out your beliefs
And share someone else’s 
Don’t speak to others 
But like their posts 
Change your name
Come up with something eye-catching 
And controversial 
Stop using your voice
Type faster
Using numbers instead of letters
Peel your skin off
Head to toe
And download more
If you’re still you 
You’re doing it wrong 

Maybe you want to try a novel rooted in history? Queen and Bandit by Geonn Cannon is sure to transport you back to 1940s Hollywood. Get it here

Gracie Simon is a reporter with a secret. Forced to lie about her gender to get hired, she lives in fear of what will happen when the truth comes out.
Evelyn Wade is a rising star with a secret of her own. With three hit films on her resume already, she's ready to risk it all to reveal the truth in the hopes it will help other actresses.
When Gracie is assigned to do a story about Evelyn's new movie, both secrets come to light during the course of their conversation. Evelyn is ready to spill the beans about what she knows but doesn't want to be anywhere near Los Angeles when the bombshell drops. To avoid the fallout, Gracie suggests they take a road trip under the guise of doing a complete, in-depth profile of the up-and-coming starlet. Evelyn agrees, and they hit the road the same day Gracie's exclusive hits the presses.
Trapped together in a car, with bridges burning behind them and 2,000 miles to their destination, Gracie and Evelyn quickly discover that when the secrets are thrown out, the only thing left is the truth.


Can’t decide on one specific story to read? Try one of Supposed Crimes’ anthologies! Forest Seclusion, available here, is the perfect collection of fairy tales to read this cold winter. 

These five fairy tales feature LGBTQ characters, many of whom begin life in castles, yet make their way into the wild forests for love, truth, and a sense of themselves. This free anthology takes the classics and makes them ours.
White Deer by Jess Martin - Curses, shape-shifting, and shrimp fairies: welcome to Jess's version of Madame d’Aulnoy’s fairy tale where she gender-bends the cursed creation, takes liberty with the hero’s tale, and finds a princess who isn’t in a rush to get rescued.
Snow White by Christina Rosso - When Snow White's father brings home Nadene, her new step-mother, the princess has doubts about the girl's ability to be a queen and mother, but what Snow White never expects is to fall in love with her.
The Tree of Wisdom by Dale Cameron Lowry - A curse cast on Prince Florian makes love a dangerous enterprise. But when he meets animal whisperer Olvir, he falls willingly.
If Only You Were Someone Else by Jennifer Loring - A changeling is willing to risk everything to discover who and what s/he really is--especially when s/he falls for a human male.
Heaven Scent by Chantal Boudreau - A highly sensual retelling of Rapunzel from an insider's perspective.

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