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Reviews Round-Up: August 2018

Amy Leibowitz available now reviews

Time to see what readers have to say about our most recent releases!

Geonn Cannon's Kennel Club (Underdogs #7) had this brief but delightful review from Diane on Goodreads. What's fun about it is that it generated a whole conversation about how fantastic the series is.

"Excellent series! Just wow -- i highly recommend this incredibly written series to everyone!"

Peanutt2U on Amazon definitely agrees:

"I'm so hooked on this series..!!..I definitely recommend reading these books...!!"

The Underdogs series is a great set of stories for people who enjoy out-of-the-box shifters and women who love women. You can find the rest of the series and all Geonn's other books here.

Meanwhile, UPSTAGED! An anthology of women who love women in performing arts got some love as well.

"...a broad collection of varying gay/lesbian stories with a few that were really good,funny,heartwarming...many were also well written. Recommend" -Walter J. Wallace, Amazon

"My favorites were: The Helsinki Incident by Renee Young, Knife's Edge by Geonn Cannon and London Lark by JL Merrow. It was nice to read a variety of genres within the same theme. If you're looking for queer themed short stories that are fun to read, check it out!" -E in Massachusetts, Amazon

"...there are two absolutely stunning stories that make this well worth the buy. 'End of an Era' by Althea Blue and 'Prima Donna' by Kathleen Jowitt are the kinds of tales that make you want to slow down and get to the end at the same time. And they are two of the most lovely things I have ever, ever read." -Angie, Goodreads

"Oh No She Didn’t!, Debbie McGowan - I'm not sure if the lead or the kids stole the show. Brilliant. VERDICT - This is a wonderful anthology with some hidden gems. I'm sure every reader will find many things to love about it." -Dee, Goodreads

I hope you all have had a good summer. Happy reading!

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