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Summer books to add to your wish list!

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Ah, summer...time for fun in the sun, vacations, and (of course!) settling in with a cold drink and a good book.

Here are all our new and upcoming releases. Load up your favorite e-reader or a big bag of physical copies to take along wherever you go!


Every Time We Meet, by A.M. Leibowitz

Heidi’s life may be a complicated balancing act between work, her kids, and a messy relationship with her ex. But all that is about to change when she proposes to her long-time girlfriend at the top of the hill during the annual Lilac Festival. What could be more romantic?

When nothing about her day goes according to plan, and her proposal is rejected, Heidi is devastated. She confesses her one wish to a stranger on a park bench: to have the whole day over again. Little does she know, this will set her on an endless loop of reliving it, each time hoping for a different outcome.

As Heidi replays the events, she confronts her own poor choices and actions. Now she must figure out how to make things right if she hopes to break the cycle and find true love before time runs out.

How to Steal a Star, by Geonn Cannon

Margot Sullivan was ready to give up on her dreams, but a risky invitation could give her everything she's ever wanted. For a price.

Ten years ago, Margot Sullivan's dreams literally crashed to Earth with the destruction of the International Space Station. With all missions canceled and humanity cut off from space, she moved on. She bought an airline and has spent the years since flying charters over the Rockies and trying to forget how close she came to being an astronaut. When an ambitious private project succeeds in clearing away enough debris to make space travel possible again, Margot is devastated to learn she won't even be considered for future missions. She tries to make peace with the fact that she's lost her last chance to reach the stars and move on.

Until the day a mysterious woman appears in the airport with a proposition. An unsanctioned mission. Untested technology. And the possibility their endeavor will end with them either dead or in prison.

But for a chance to see the stars, how could she refuse?


Stone’s Mistake (Agent Morgan Stone #1), by Adrian J. Smith

Serial killer investigations need a woman’s touch, luckily Agent Morgan Stone is the best profiler the FBI has.

A twenty-year veteran of the FBI, Morgan has worked her fair share of cases. When Chicago Homicide Detective Fiona Wexford calls for a second opinion, Morgan jumps at the opportunity to help.

With a growing crush on Fiona, Morgan fails to weave the personal and professional when it becomes clear Fiona’s suspect is a serial killer. Taking over the investigation, Morgan rushes to solve the mystery and makes an egregious error in the process.

Will Morgan reclaim her case and catch her suspect before one more person has to die?

Just Desserts (a lesbian romance anthology), by Geonn Cannon

Twenty stories of lesbian romance from award-winning author Geonn Cannon. Collected from Patreon.

A Dance You Do Alone - Maria isn't comfortable coming out. Her girlfriend tries to put her mind at ease.

And If California Slides Into the Ocean - According to the news, the earthquake lasted sixty-three seconds. For Olivia, that was thirteen seconds too long to avoid disaster.

Behave - Elaine was supposed to keep her best friend’s daughter out of trouble. There’s just one slight problem with the plan...

Escape Plan - Every day, Millie and Caroline meet to have lunch at the food court of the mall where they work. Millie schemes, Caroline humors her.

First Come, First Served - Rock goddess Marisol Kossey gives audience to a very special fan.

Ground Control - A follow-up to CAN YOU HEAR ME. After the extraordinary beginning to their relationship, Noa Laurie and Jamie Faris are settled into a nice, normal life together. But a road trip reveals Noa has one last surprise in store for her partner.

Imagine, My Friends - Those long ago weekday mornings, cereal and puppet shows before school, had more magic than you might think.

In My Time of Dying - Catherine Pace is used to dealing with people on the worst day of their lives. But she’s never had a visitor like Betty before.

Junk Science - Evelyn finally faces the dreaded blind date question: “So what do you do for a living?”

Leave No Trace - The end of the relationship is inevitable... but it can be postponed.

Lucy Slays a Dragon - Sometimes a noise in the dark is just a noise. Sometimes, maybe, it’s a dragon.

On Again, Off Again - A celebrity couple breaks up (once again) but romance may still be in the cards for those in their orbit.

Playdate - Two single moms forced to spend time together due to their kids find a way to pass the time.

Reaching a Verdict - Two sequestered jurors realize they can reveal their deepest, darkest secrets with no consequences. Well. Some consequences.

Revealing Royalty - A huckster and a mark meet across a three-card monte table on a busy subway platform. Win or lose, it’s all in how you play the game.

The Sacrificial Lamb - Being a spy isn't always shootouts and gadgets. And sometimes the world isn't the only thing that needs to be saved.

Secret Identities - Sadie discovers her new girlfriend’s secret hobby, and understanding it may help her discover something about herself.

Survivors of Hall H - Revisiting the past can be painful, but it can also lead to unexpected revelations.

A Tale of a Fateful Trip - A shipwreck, seven castaways, a desert isle, with a twist. Just sit right back...

This Bar is Haunted - The secret to a bartender’s card trick is more mind-blowing than you can imagine...


The Wolf Who Cried Girl (Underdogs #10), by Geonn Cannon

Almost ten years ago, Ariadne Willow helped create a stalemate between Hunters and canidae. That peace comes to an end with the abduction of Gwyneth Willow, her partner, Milo Duncan, and the doctor who kept Ari safe while she was in prison. When Milo manages to escape, Ari promises to pull out all the stops to rescue the others.

But this time the Hunters have a plan. Another young canidae is abducted, and her imprisonment is streamed live on the internet for the whole world to see. Unless Ari can find her and stop it, the girl will have no choice but to transform, and canidae will be exposed.

The key to winning may lie in a legendary lost book, a call to arms for all wolves to rise up against the Hunters. Ari worries that unleashing it will only lead to a long, bloody war. But with the lives of her mother and an innocent girl at stake, can Ari really afford to play fair?


A Lady Who Looks Good When She’s Crying (Sunshine and Specter Paranormal Detective Agency #1), by Dan Ackerman

Angels shouldn't pal around with demons, especially not ones they've been sent to assassinate. They shouldn't work with them or cook them dinner, or strike a deal with the Devil for them either. Sunshine probably isn't a very good angel.

The demon in question is Felix Specter. He's forgiven Sunshine for stabbing him all those years ago. He's got a lot on his plate: a curse, his mental health, and a questionable love life. Finding out Sunshine owes the Devil a few favors doesn't help. Neither did that kiss, not that Felix will talk about it anyway.

On top of everything else, Sunshine and Specter have a case to solve. They handle issues that human detectives can't, like monsters in the sewer, mages doing illegal charms, and runaway witches. But they've always dealt with anything the city has to offer. What could be different this time?


Release (Quarter Life #3), by Adrian J. Smith

The wicked witch reigns supreme, and yet, the enemy isn't always who we expect.

Molly works relentlessly to locate the one person she needs--Faye. Making reckless decisions, Molly puts her team and herself in danger as her obsession with Faye deepens and becomes the only thing she can think about. 

With a frantic call from Ben, Faye leaves her hiding place. Unsure about the safety of returning to the house and Molly, Faye takes many precautions as she searches for a way to save Molly from herself. Willing to go to the ends of the earth, Faye looks for a cure, even if it leads her directly into the hands of the enemy.

Happy reading!

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