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Marketing, it’s weird.

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The writers at Supposed Crimes LLC have their own blogs. Are you following them? Geonn Cannon. V. R. Merrymore.

I sold over 100 copies of Little Disquietude in April, thanks to some spectacular advertising from friends. More than I could ever hope for. Riley Parra Season One will be at the printers imminently. The Riches of Mercy is in editing. Geonn has completed the first draft of Riley Parra Season Three. The anthology’s content is nearly finalized.


Print sales only account for 15% of overall sales, cost the most up front, and pay the smallest...

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Book Rec from Geonn Cannon: The Stepsister Scheme

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From time to time, the Supposed Crimes blog will be linking to offsite entries in SC’s authors’ blogs. First up is a book recommendation from Geonn Cannon. To be quite honest, after reading what he had to say about it, I ordered a copy right away. I’m excited to read the book!

The cover of the first book is misleading. It looks sort of like something a high school girl would tote around in her bookbag (not to badmouth high school girls, but they ARE partially to blame for the Twilight nonsense). But like The Princess Bride, which was disguised...

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