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Happy Holidays!

Amy Leibowitz available now holiday recommended reading

Strange to think, but this will be my last post of 2017. It's been quite a year. I'm closing it out with a mish-mash of seasonal ramblings.

Last week, I wrote about holiday traditions. When I shared it on social media, I was thrilled to get so many replies about the wonderful ways my fellow readers and writers celebrate. Everyone has favorite ways to spend the season. Food is a common theme, whether that's the fun of baking cookies or frying latkes or simply enjoying the array of treats....

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Holiday traditions

Amy Leibowitz holiday lgbtqia books recommended reading

In keeping with this month's holiday theme, let's talk about traditions. I want to start by recognizing that this is a difficult time for many people for a number of reasons. Practice good self-care, including not reading this, as you need and are able.

Some traditions are carried over into adulthood from when we were children. Others are made when we build new families, by marriage, birth, friendships, or other means. There are times when they're simply a happy accident.

In my family, we celebrate multiple holidays because of...

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Escaping into a good book

Amy Leibowitz lesbian books lesbian fiction lgbtqia books recommended reading representation wlw books women women who love women

It's December already. This month can be hard for a lot of people. Between the increasing darkness, the cold, and the various stresses of the holiday season, it's a tough time for many.

I can't speak for others, and I'm the last person to offer advice on how to get through this time because it's different for everyone. But one thing that helps me is having a good stack of stuff to read.

Books have been my escape, and the characters inside have been my friends, for as many...

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Geonn Cannon’s Riley Parra Season 3

merrymore available now Blog geonn cannon recommended reading riley parra

Whether you are already familiar with Geonn Cannon’s Riley Parra or are completely new to the series, you might be interested in picking up a Season 3 subscription while it’s still early and they’re still available. Season 1 and Season 2 are also available through Supposed Crimes for you to catch up or relive Riley’s story so far!

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On the twitters!

merrymore Blog marketing is weird press kit recommended reading social media twitter

Supposed Crimes has taken to the Twittersphere under the oh-so-obvious handle @supposedcrimes. If you are a tweet-minded sort of person, we encourage you to follow so we can follow back. If you know of any accounts that we should follow – such as any GLBT organizations, media outlets, bloggers, or authors – please feel free to pass that along, either through a mention on Twitter or a comment here!

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