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Stay Calm and Buy Books on Black Friday

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It’s Black Friday, and many people will be out shopping today in big stores, searching for good deals. But did you know that many of your own friends may be self-employed, freelance, or independent? This is a good day to ask them if they’re offering any sales or deals too.

Marketing books is hard at the best of times. It requires most of us to put ourselves out there and ask people we know (or barely know) to buy our work. And a book is more than a product manufactured and sold by...

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When Reviews Go Bad

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Reviewing is a tricky business on both sides of the coin...there's a particularly delicate balance between reviewers and authors when it comes to small presses, indie books, and niche genres.

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To market, to market

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All around, there are lively discussions about finding the right market, targeted advertising and promotion, and the best ways to go about all of that.

I'll admit, I'm not a career writer, so I feel somewhat less frantic than if I were trying to live off my earnings. Even so, there's some obligation to put yourself out there if you've published something, whether that's traditional, self, or hybrid. After all, what good is it for a wee baby book to grow up and go out in the world if...

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