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Winter/Spring Reviews Round-Up

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We've had a great few months of releases! Here's what readers have had to say about our books:

Can You Hear Me? by Geonn Cannon (February)

There’s much I like about this tale: a woodworker plying her craft in an old Indiana farm and a pilot flying the cutting edge of space vehicles. Old tech and new tech, and a ham radio that even the smartest of inventors didn’t see breaking through his modern communications, and how an open window can change your view of the world. -Sonja

Surrogate: Hunted by Jeanne G'Fellers (March)

It also breaks the mold with the traditional sci-fi protagonists, featuring women and people of color. In terms of representation, this is vastly important and the book warrants reading on this alone. -Dan

Crimson Realm by Brandon L. Summers (April)

I’ll never pass up the opportunity to read about a bad-ass lesbian riding a horse and wielding a sword to take down zombies. -Jess

Appetizers by Geonn Cannon (May)

Cannon blows through multiple genres and story-types with his regular sharp wit and openness. Not every story will suit every reader, but every reader should be able to find something to whet their appetite. -Jo

There's a little something for everyone here. Happy reading!

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