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Nephilim Rising

Nephilim Rising

$ 6.99
  • Author: Sirena Robinson
  • Release Date: Available Now

  • eBook ISBN: 978-1-938108-64-8
  • print ISBN: 978-1-938108-65-5

Ezekiel Mackenzie had been created to fight. Picking up where the original six failed, Zeke is tasked with locating and destroying Lucifer's sword--the first step on the path to killing him once and for all. In a world ravaged by war, where demons and Devils roam freely, where Cambion rule, and where being human is akin to a death sentence, Zeke, as a Nephil--half human and half Angel--must infiltrate those born to kill her and those like her.
Accompanied by Dev, another Nephil, Zeke poses as a worshiper of Satan in order to find the sword. Forced to pretend to be loyal to Lucifer and in awe of the Cambion, Zeke struggles to maintain her facade. When suspicion of her heritage puts Zeke and Dev in a situation where they must kill or be killed, both are forced to make a decision that not only ends the life of another, but one that could shape the rest of their own and the budding relationship they are attempting to navigate.
Though she is battling both great grief and great guilt, Zeke must continue on the path provided for her without hesitation. When her path takes her into a city ruled by demons on a mission to steal Lucifer's sword, she is not only required to risk her life, but to be willing to sacrifice it without hesitation, and without thought for herself or for those she loves. As she charges into battle, Zeke knows that when the dust clears, the only thing that is set is that, whether she lives or dies, nothing will remain the same.

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