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On Writing Men Loving Men

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I’ve been secretly writing men who love men for almost fifteen years. That’s probably a bit of a shock to anyone reading this who’s known me that long. Heck, it’s probably a shock to anyone who knows me through my writing but didn’t know how old I am.

Although my first venture into completing a story and allowing anyone to read it was fan fiction, my earliest work was an unfinished story about a minor-league baseball team. I’d wanted to write a story about baseball—it’s my favorite sport—and a growing friendship between two of the players. Turned out they had...

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Welcome Stacy O’Steen to Supposed Crimes!

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I’m pleased to announce our newest author, Stacy O’Steen. Stacy comes to us from the large state of Texas, where she runs around taking care of various friends and working hard. I [Adrian] met Stacy almost two years ago for the very first time during a NaNoWriMo write-in at my favorite bar. We hit it off right away, and it’s hard to imagine that over two years has passed.

Stacy is very passionate about what she writes. She’s always been someone who is upbeat and ready to take on the world, but writing and putting her thoughts into words is...

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Supposed Crimes Blog | New Reviews In!

C. E. Case Blog

January 20, 2015 (Matthews, NC) — Reviews, reviews and more reviews!

What Matter Wounds (Claire Lance #5) by Geonn Cannon

“I have enjoyed each novel in the Claire Lance series. According to the synopsis of this novel Claire’s luck maybe running out by stumbling on a dead body in the desert. This is not the first trouble she has found herself mixed up in since being on the run for the last five years. Do yourself a favor and read this series. I do not think you will be disappointed. I am looking forward to reading my next novel written...

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A.M. Leibowitz Highlights Bisexual Erasure in Article

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Over at Bitopia, author A. M. Leibowitz discusses bisexual erasure and classification issues for bisexual charactesrs in straight or gay works.

If I want to read queer lit, I want to know it fits in that category, even if it’s space cowboy or urban fantasy or dystopian futuristic or sweet romance. My issue, though, is all the people being rendered invisible by categorizing something based on which two people are in a relationship. Bi erasure happens when we label books as “gay” or “lesbian.” Those are identities, not romantic pairing labels. A bisexual man is not automatically gay because he’s...

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Supposed Crimes Blog | Call for Submissions

C. E. Case Blog

January 10, 2015 (Matthews, NC) — We are open for submissions!

Did you know that? We’re on the search for good lesbian fiction in any genre and for gay fiction, genre and romances. We’re also on the hunt for short stories! That’s right! Supposed Crimes is putting out its first anthology. In the year 2015, we plan on publishing three anthologies, each based on a different topic.

If you’re a writer and interested in submitting to our two future anthologies, please check out ouranthology submissions page and our novel submissions page for guidelines. We look forward to hearing...

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