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Author Spotlight: Sonni de Soto

Amy Leibowitz anthology coming soon interview lesbian fiction performing arts politics queer women Sonni de Soto women who love women

With UPSTAGED! less than a week from release, I've had the pleasure of interviewing some of the authors. Up today is Sonni de Soto, an author who is knew to me. Her story in the anthology features a burlesque dancer splitting her time between her job in politics and her life on stage.

What is the hardest part of writing?

Finding the time. Even when you desperately want to be writing, there seems to always be something pulling you away from your stories: work,...

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July Releases

Amy Leibowitz anthology available now coming soon geonn cannon lesbian fiction new release performing arts pride month romance underdogs urban fantasy women who love women

Happy July! While most of you all have already had your Pride celebrations, my city's isn't until the end of this month. So I get to celebrate for twice as long, and I plan to enjoy it!

We have a couple of books out this month that I'm really excited about. First, Geonn Cannon's latest, Kennel Club, released yesterday. For those of you keeping track at home, this is book 7 in his Underdogs series. You won't want to...

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April Wrap-Up, May New Release

Amy Leibowitz brandon summers coming soon geonn cannon lesbian fiction new release

In case you missed it, be sure to check out our April new release, Crimson Realm, by Brandon L. Summers. Set in the same universe as Quiet Shy, this novel features heroic women saving the world and taking out zombies.

There's still another day to pre-order Geonn Cannon's Appetizers, a collection of short works. There's something in here to delight anyone who enjoys bite-size stories about women loving women. Fans of the author...

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A New Anthology: Queer Women in Performing Arts

Amy Leibowitz anthology Anthology Submissions asexual fiction bisexual fiction coming soon dance lesbian fiction music news pansexual fiction performing arts queer women representation submissions theater transgender fiction women women who love women

This weekend, we were thrilled to announce our call for submissions for a new anthology: Upstaged: queer women in performing arts. This is a project close to my heart as someone who has been on stage as a symphony violinist for the majority of my life and with two children in the arts.

The idea was born after a friend had the opportunity to appear in The Vagina Monologues. As a result, she created a...

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More research in maps

merrymore Blog c. e. case coming soon research western

Even for draft one of the western, known as The Women That Don’t Fit In, the Texas General Land Office was a huge help. Railroad maps were the best and most period-specific, but even later maps showed me the evolution of a city. Like the Nevada Digital Library, it is slooooow.

“West of Here” by Jonathan Evison is an epic story that switches between the settlement of a small town in western Washington state and it’s current-day travails. The novel alternates between the two time zones until developments near the end bring the two settings together in unexpected ways.


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