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New Release: Surrogate: Hunted by Jeanne G'Fellers

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In the mood for something unique? Surrogate: Hunted may be just what you're looking for.

It's not often that I say I've been privileged to be part of a book's process, but it's true in this case. I got to work behind the scenes, and I can say this book is not like anything else I've read.

One of the things that makes this story stand out is the attention given to details about family life. It's not limited to one type...

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Does religion belong in LGBTQIA books?

Amy Leibowitz lgbtqia books religion spirituality

This question comes up a lot, perhaps because religion can be a complicated issue for LGBTQIA folks. Many of us come from backgrounds where religion was used to control and abuse us. Some of us continue to engage with communities of faith; others do not. There isn't one simple or correct answer to the question.

In my own work, I tend to write a combination of religious and non-religious characters, drawing on my experiences as a child of an interfaith marriage. I grew up in a relatively non-religious household...

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