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Escaping into a good book

Amy Leibowitz lesbian books lesbian fiction lgbtqia books recommended reading representation wlw books women women who love women

It's December already. This month can be hard for a lot of people. Between the increasing darkness, the cold, and the various stresses of the holiday season, it's a tough time for many.

I can't speak for others, and I'm the last person to offer advice on how to get through this time because it's different for everyone. But one thing that helps me is having a good stack of stuff to read.

Books have been my escape, and the characters inside have been my friends, for as many...

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Author Spotlight: Brandon L. Summers

Amy Leibowitz brandon summers interview lesbian fiction science fiction wlw books women who love women

Continuing with our month of science fiction, today's interview features Brandon L. Summers, author of Quiet Shy. This story has the feel to me of combining dystopian future, comic book, and science fiction, with literary leanings and even some magical elements. In other words, a bit of everything. It's a unique story, and I love the relationship between the two main women.

How and why did you choose your genre?

I’m not impressed by reality. The world isn’t a great place. Science...

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Supposed Crimes NaNoWriMo Pregame - Inspirational Women in Stock Art

Christy Case bisexual novels lesbian novels nanowrimo stock art women women who love women

Nanowrimo Logo
Yes, we're shameless. Yes, there are too many white women in these photographs. National Novel Writing Month is coming up and we've got 50,000 words to go. Inspiration has to come from somewhere. Supposed Crimes is famous for its lesbian novels, but could use a few more.
These ladies need stories.
photo of brooding girl
(She looks like Yara from Game of Thrones, doesn't she? Is it just me?)

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